Athletic Sport MouthGuards.

Mouthguards may be small, but are one of the most important pieces of safety equipment for athletes. If you play sports, you run the risk of getting hit in the mouth and loosing or damaging teeth.

Considering the average cost of dental treatment for just one lost tooth over the course of a lifetime, mouthguards just make sense.

Athletic sport mouthguards not only protect your teeth, they also protect your tongue, lips and cheeks. They can also help protect against concussions and jaw fractures.

Can I get coloured mouthguards?

There are many types of mouthguard including striped, multi-coloured and clear. Many people now have coloured mouthguards made in their favourite team's colours or to match their own sports strip.

We can provide you with 35 colour combinations kind of mouthguards.

Is A MouthGuard Right For You?

Anyone who plays sports or is involved in an activity where contact to the head is a risk factor should wear a mouthguard.

Candidates include those who are involved in:

           - Football

           - Baseball

           - Basketball

           - Gymnastics

           - Skateboarding

           - Hockey

           - Soccer

           - Martial Arts

Not All MouthGuards Are Created Equal.

A mouthguard that is bulky, loose or ill-fitting may impair breathing and speech and will likely not be worn. A custom fitted mouthguard is your best defence against mouth injuries.

We can fit you with a mouthguard guaranteed to fit comfortably.

Caring For Your MouthGuard.

Mouthguards should be stored in a plastic container when not in use. They simply need to be washed in lukewarm or cold water after each use. Excessively hot water may cause distortion. You can also refresh your mouthguard with mouthwash prior to wearing.

It is recommended that mouthguards be replaced every two to three years. You can preserve your smile and your health with a custom fitted mouthguard.