Most dentures end up damaged or even broken when they are accidentally dropped during the cleaning process, especially when a denture fall on a hard surface, like a ceramic floor or a washbasin. They may not always break in two pieces but may instead have a fracture or a crack line, and that would mean that your denture have no longer the structural and flexural strength to withstand the masticatory forces that you would apply when chewing on your food. That would mean that your dentures are most likely going to break any time very soon, so if that is your case, and although you might feel in panic and despair, do not attempt to repair your denture yourself with, for example, superglue or a material that you would have purchased yourself but instead get in contact with us immediately and we will repair your denture while you wait in a very professional environment and manner by our specially qualify dental technician who does that day in, day out in our premises in London.